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Samsung Galaxy Repair Service

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The most common repair service we provide is listed below. 
Please contact us directly for other services. 

Front Glass Replacement

 Cracked Screen typically refers to physical damage on the front glass of a device, such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.  The screen's surface is visibly cracked or shattered.

Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is required if you need to frequently charge your device, the device suddenly shutsdown or if the device doesnt charge.

LCD Display Replacement

LCD Display Damage consist of dead pixels, lines in the image, color distortion or image burn in the background.

Camera Replacement

Camera Replacement service can be performed to correct blurry or poor quality Photos & Videos.

Charging Port Replacement

Bad Charging Port  exhibits the following  symptoms: Intermittent Charging,  has Loose Connection, device charges slow, or visible damage to the port opening.

Back Glass Replacement

Back Glass Damage can leave the motherboard and critical components of the device exposed to moisture and weathering. Causing corrosion.

Data Recovery Services

Moisture Damage Restoration

Micro Soldering

Data Recovery  can be performed to retrieve your precious data.  Photos, Videos, Contacts, Text messages & more,

Moisture Damage Restoration  is performed for devices that has been exposed to moisture.

Micro Soldering  is performed under the microscope to repair or replace motherboard level components.

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