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Cell Phone & Electronics Repair- Mail-IN Service

Mail-IN Repair Request Instructions 

1. Fill out the form below to request a Mail-In Repair Service.

2.. You will then receive an email confirmation with a repair number and further instructions to ship us your device.

4. Carefully Package your device & ship it to the address below.  Please include a note with the repair number.

Shipping Address: iGSM Wireless Services -  10616 Main St. Bellevue WA 98004

  • Repairs general take about 2-5 days from the time we receive your device
  • Expedited Services are also available.

Company Name

Contact Name*

Contact Number*

Contact Email*

Payment Type*

Shipping Address*

Make & Model*

Serial Number

IMEI Number (Cell Phones Only)

Device Pin Lock:*

Repair Type*

Return Shipping*


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