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Red Hot Repair Services
Apple iPhone 6S Cracked Screen - CALL
Apple iPhone 6 Plus Cracked Screen $119 
Apple iPhone 6 Cracked Screen $99
Apple iPhone 5SE Cracked Screen $95
Apple iPhone 5S 5ZC Cracked Screen $75
Apple iPhone 5 Cracked Screen $75
Apple iPad 2 3 4 Cracked Screen $75
Nokia 929 930 Cracked Screen  $169

Microsoft 950 Cracked Screen $249
Samsung Galaxy S3/S4 Front Glass $59
Samsung S7 Edge Cracked Screen - CALL
Samsung S7 Cracked Screen - $199
Samsung S6 Cracked Screen $199
Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD Display $189
Samsung Galaxy S4 LCD Display $110
Samsung S3 S4 Charger Port $49
LG Nexus 5X Cracked Screen $149
LG G3 G4 Cracked Screen $119

Pricing listed may vary  .Please contact us directly for current pricing

Bellevue Cell Phone Repair

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Sunday                CLOSED
10616 Main Street
Bellevue WA 98004
(206) 225-6335
Cell Phone Repair & Unlocking Specialist

Cracked Screen, LCD Display, Blackberry; Windows Mobile;  Apple Software configurations, Housing replacement.  We do it all!!  


Cell Phone Repair



Cell Phone Unlocking

 Apple iPhone Cracked Screen Repair 
No Appointments Required! Walk-Ins Anytime!
Repairs While you wait (30-45 Minutes)

90 Day Warranty!

100% Money Back Guarantee!

*Walk- Ins Repairs while you wait!
* Mail-In with FREE return shipping.
  • iPhone 6S Cracked Screen Call
  • iPhone 6S+ Cracked Screen Call
  • iPhone 6+ Cracked Screen $119
  • iPhone 6 Cracked Screen $99
  • iPhone 5SE Cracked Screen $95
  • iPhone 5S Cracked Screen - $75
  • iPhone 5C Cracked Screen - $75
  • iPhone 5 Cracked Screen - $75
  • iPhone 4S Cracked Screen - $59
  • iPhone 4 Cracked Screen - $59
  • iPhone 4/4S Cracked Back - $29
We Repair all iPhone Issues
Water damage, Software Errors,
Power button, home button, Headphone Jack,
 Charging, Mic, Loudspeaker Earpiece.

IMEI Blacklist Cleaning Service

IMEI Blacklist cleaning service is now available for all devices:  

(Samsung Galaxy, LG, HTC, Android & Apple iPhone)

 Please contact us for further details. 

Imei Blacklist Repair Service
 iPhone Custom Color Conversion  

 This iPhone 4 4S  5 Conversion service will allow you to transform your iPhone into the most unique custom color. This conversion will include; the front glass touch screen with LCD, custom back cover plate & home button.

Colors Available:  Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Red, Pink, Royal Blue, Baby Blue, Purple, Dark Green, Light Purple, Gold, Mirror Gold, Mirror Silver.......


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